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Don’t Bogart the Pop Art.

Hello Vanguard lovers, haters or indifferent-ers. It’s your old and new friend, DJ Miles here.

Since I’ve been chained to the popArts editorial desk, I’ve missed writing like a lost kitty, so I figure it’s time to start doing a weekly column. One with bold words that grab attention like Janet Jackson does when she sings about sex on her new album (it’s been banned from some communities already. Way to go girl, you back on top!) or the guy who flashed everyone on the bus last week.

The column, and the content of this section in general, has, and will have, lots of fun useless and possibly useful information about all things related to pop and underground arts. Or maybe it won’t. You see, I want you the reader, if you actually do exist, to e-mail or snail-mail me anything you want covered in the section of this paper that is currently titled “popArts.”

This is the arts section of a university paper, a really big, diverse, urban university at that. I saw a bumper sticker that said “Art Happens” and it’s true. Nine out of 10 great minds agree that the lines between art and life are as foggy as a Portland winter.

We need to know about your art! I want you to send questions about anything from sex to Superman movies, requests for coverage, information about music, visual art, film or theater; recipes for gooey ganja vegan gooballs, pictures or cultural artifacts you’ve found, (Note: nothing gross! C’mon you know what I mean, no dirty underwear or Kenny G CDs etc).

You can also send actual articles you’ve written. Maybe you just got back from Europe and saw some amazing avant Jazz, or maybe you heard a singing hobo that stirred the rapidly hardening butter that is your sweet, creamy soul. Look for the address to the Vanguard located in a box somewhere close by.

Oh, and no bombs. We have dogs, big smart ones who will hunt you down and really bother you.

Submission or not, more often than not, this section will dilly around with UN-popArt. Interesting creations lying slightly beneath the malfunctioning radar of mainstream corporate mass media created by special humans who plumb deep down into the murky depths of their complex mysterious and confusing psyches. A big hearty “Hallelujah!” to all ya’ll poets, musicians and artists of all kinds for dealing with those sticky emotions and naughty thoughts so the rest of us don’t have to. Keep up the good work and send us a sample.

I’ve left something out though. I’d like to extend a warm thank you and open invitation to cat artists as well. Not the “cool cats” jack, but felines. They have feelings too, and they create rich complex modern art. You the reader can and should look forward to an upcoming in depth look at the groundbreaking book: “Why Cats Paint, A Theory Of Feline Aesthetics” by Heather Busch and Burton Silver.

We’re for everyone and everything that creates art here at popArts, Vanguard.

Good old, pop culture won’t be left out of this section. PopArt is popular for a reason I guess. Most of it is easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing to many. I even hear cats like to paint to Kenny G.

And don’t worry, you’ll here about those important events like the streetcar opening, animated feature films, gay film fests or an ABBA cover band. Hell, maybe we’ll even devote an entire issue to Janet, or not.

My name is Aaron and my anti drug is writing popArt.