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Dress for success?

It is one of the most overused phrases in job hunting: “Dress for success.” As a college student this seems ridiculous. Success on the exam was never determined by what color pump you wore to class. Apparently, though, the “real world” still values matching socks. So, in the interest of a future paycheck, here are a few tips for a fashionable entrance (and for those of us that find this really painful, there is always casual Fridays and that other job at the coffee shop).

Remember: You are marketing a product – yourself – to a potential employer. First impressions are critical.

Dressing modestly is always the safest route, but do a little investigating of the prospective employer and dress to fit in with the organization.

Make sure you have:

* clean and polished conservative dress shoes

* well-groomed hairstyle

* cleaned and trimmed fingernails

* minimal cologne or perfume

* no visible body piercing beyond conservative ear piercings for women and men (also depends on employer)

* well-brushed teeth and fresh breath

* no gum, candy or other objects in your mouth

* minimal jewelry

* no body odor

Make a final check of your appearance in the restroom before introducing yourself.

Jason G. Damron