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Editors, manager chosen

The Portland State University Publications Board met recently to determine the new editors and manager for the school’s four publications and Graphic Design Center.

The positions are, editor of the Portland Review, the Portland Spectator, the Rearguard, the Vanguard and manager of the Graphic Design Center. The Publications Board oversees all five groups and is responsible for selecting the editor-in-chief and manager for each.

Every candidate except for editor of the Portland Review ran unopposed.

Marlena Gangi, a masters candidate in education, was chosen as editor of the Rearguard for 2003-04. She related the Rearguard’s unique take on public activism as a one of the reasons she was vying for the editor position.

“I have a long history of being a social activist,” Gangi said.

Joey Coon, a junior majoring in economics and philosophy, was the board’s choice for editor of the Portland Spectator for 2003-04. He emphasized publishing stories that are “persuasive and coherent.”

Coon said the transition to the new editor should be a smooth one.

“I have a pretty in-depth knowledge of this publication,” he said.

Christian Gaston, a junior majoring in English, made the cut for the editorship of the Vanguard. Gaston said he was happy with the direction the publication is headed.

“I’d really like to see the Vanguard continue in its upward, positive trend,” Gaston said.

Kevin Friedman, a graduate student in public administration, was selected as editor for the Portland Review for 2003-04. The other candidates were Sara Robin Allred, Teresa Coates and Virginia Mix.

The Publications Board announced Joel Masters, a junior majoring in graphic design, as the manager for the Graphic Design Center for 2003-04.