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Food For Thought indulges food-conscious students

Having opened its doors to the Portland State University student body at the beginning of winter term, the Food For Thought Caf퀌� is providing health-conscious patrons with a welcome choice, according to students surveyed.

The caf퀌�, located in the basement of Smith Memorial Student Union, first received attention when a group of like-minded students converged and arrived at the idea of opening a food outlet for students on tight-budgets interested in organically grown food.

It was also the beginning of PSU’s interest in creating an avenue for locally grown, organic food that heralded its foray into constructing eco-friendly, sustainable food systems on campus.

Having assured its patrons organic, tasty and yet low-priced menus, the caf퀌� looks at meeting its promises. However, there remain students on campus who are still unaware of its existence.

“I saw it while I walked past this morning, but I still have not tried it,” said Lindsey Agiberg, a freshman.

“Oh, I don’t even know where it is. I might try and go there sometime in the term,” said Desiree Mijares, a freshman in the computer science department.

However the caf퀌� does have a number of regulars who maintain that the food is high on quality and say they are happy with the food and service.

Questionnaires left in the drop box at the caf퀌� regarding its performance declare it to be an open-ended success. Students rate the food, ambience and quality at the top score of five and add comments congratulating the efforts of the management.

“I tried the caf퀌� last week for lunch and was impressed with what I was served. I wish them the best of luck,” said Matt Johnson, a junior in the geography department.

The minestrone soup received good reviews from a group of sophomores who said they frequented the caf퀌�, time and money permitting.

“I enjoy coming down here since upstairs is always filled with people and I cannot do my work,” said Amy Williams, a freshman.

A brief glance through the surveys conducted daily by the caf퀌� reveal that most customers considered the management to be doing well, but several forms indicated disapproval with the quality of service.

Marc Hinz, a member of the executive board, said the complaints were a little startling and indicated that it would be investigated further. Customers also expressed surprise at these complaints.

“I have always felt welcome and comfortable here. I choose to eat here not just for the food but also for the general atmosphere surrounding it,” said Karen Stolenberg, a senior in the black studies department.

“I agree. I like coming down here, and I hear that they have more plans to add stuff,” said Vishal Parekh, an engineering major.