Get yourself a meal plan

If you live on campus, or spend any amount of time on campus, you might want to consider a meal plan. Sure, there are a seemingly endless number of food carts available, and a short walk to downtown presents you with even more dining options. I would even bet that you could probably eat somewhere different every day of the school year and never try the same thing twice. If you really wanted to.

But sometimes you don’t have the time to wait in line for the food carts, or it’s not convenient to travel downtown to find food. So it’s pretty handy that Portland State offers a variety of meal plans for students to use on campus. The locations where you can use a meal plan are varied. Victor’s at Ondine, located on the first floor of Ondine, offers all-you-can-eat meals. The Viking Food Court in Smith Memorial Student Union has coffee, bagels, pizza and other food that’s quick to grab and take with you. SMSU also has a convenience store that takes Dining Dollars, so you can eat candy and chips to your heart’s content. There’s also the Meetro Cafe in King Albert Hall and Branford’s Bean in the Millar Library, which both serve coffee and pastries.

If you’re a freshman living on campus, then you’re probably all-too-familiar with the meal plans. As a freshman, if you don’t choose a plan, PSU will automatically enroll you in The 15. It’s definitely worth the effort to do your research and decide which plan is best for you. All plans offer varying levels of all-you-can-eat meals, which are usable only at Victor’s, and dining dollars, which you can use at the other locations on campus.
Below is a breakdown of the different meal plans, their offerings and their cost.