Getting with the Outdoor Program this summer

Feeling outdoorsy? The PSU Outdoor Program has your back this summer. There are tons of day and overnight trips offered to get your adrenaline pumping and keep your inner adventurer happy.

Ann Marie Hingley, the Outdoor Program coordinator, wants to encourage students to seek out and take advantage of the program as much as possible.

“The majority of what we do is we offer trips to the students in the community, and so if someone is interested in going on a trip, they just come into the office, ask some questions, pay the fee and sign up,” Hingley said. “We have a member fee for going on a trip and then a non-member fee. Your Campus Rec membership as a student includes the Outdoor Program.”

So, what’s happening this summer? Quite a lot. First of all, the Outdoor Program is partnering with Inclusive Recreation this summer from Aug. 1–2 for an inclusive cycling trip in Eugene, which coincides with the big, annual community ride Eugene puts together.

“The city of Eugene does adaptive cycles, so pretty much anybody with physical disabilities can join on the trip for no additional cost,” Hingley said. “They provide hand cycles, tandem bikes and other types of bikes to fit their needs.” This trip will be $75 for members and, like most overnight trips, will include transportation, all the equipment you need, food and camping gear as well.

“We’re doing a new trip this year, and we’re calling it Falling Stars and Lava Flows,” Hingley said. “We’re pretty excited about this one.” This trip will take place from Aug. 15–16 in Eastern Oregon for the Perseid Meteor Shower. It includes a day hike, and at night you’ll be able to lie out in the open sky area and watch the meteor shower. The next day you’ll do some paddle boarding on the lake and hang out by the water. This trip will cost $70 for members.

There will also be paddleboard trips this summer in different lakes and rivers around Portland for $35. There will also be day hikes offered all summer, as well as overnight backpacking trips to places such as Crater Lake, Eagle Creek and Cooper Spur. There is even a Clack River cleanup scheduled on Sep. 13 for individuals interested in helping clean up our planet.

Additionally, as a member you’re able to rent tons of equipment to fit your outdoor adventure needs. They provide tents, sleeping bags, camp stoves, backpacks and tons of watercrafts such as paddleboards, kayaks and much more. For a full list of items up for rent—as well as pricing—you can visit the Outdoor Program website.

The official schedule for Outdoor Program activities this summer will be up no later than finals week on their website (, where you’ll be able to check out dates and prices—as well as sign up for any trips—beginning June 22.