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Guys like fashion, too

Vanity is a two-way street. In this day and age, men are aware of fashion just as much as their female counterparts – especially when it comes to making impressions on the first day of class. In this time of cultural homogenization, it’s easy to sink into rubber-stamped Gap and American Eagle uniforms. Here is a sampling of nearby fashion huts.

Urban Outfitters – 2320 N.W. Westover Rd.

There is no doubt about it – Urban Outfitters is one hip store. Old-school screen print shirts, Puma shoes and a large variety of worn-out looking jeans litter the men’s section. Urban Outfitters offers new retro-styled shirts and sweaters that you’ll never find anywhere else – even at another Urban Outfitters. The only downfall — it’s the best place to buy a $10 shirt for 30 bucks. Can you say, 퀌�yuppie in hipster clothing퀌�?

Exit Real World – 206 N.W. 23rd

Exit Real World is a skater and snowboarder haven. The men’s half of the store offers a wide selection of skater shorts and shirts, and black hooded sweatshirts are in no short supply. Exit Real World also has great bargains for those willing to snoop around the store. Besides the standards, you’ll be able to find snowboarding gear, skateboard decks and videos of guys falling crotch-first on metal railings. The most striking feature about the place is it literally smells like a brand new shoe.

Red Light Clothing Exchange – 3590 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd.

The Red Light is a retro kid’s heaven. Used vintage is the name of the game at this economical fashion hut. From its beautiful wall of old school denim jackets to the plethora of vintage guy hats. The Red Light has its finger on Portland’s hipster pulse. The clothing selection is great, including a swell collection of suede jackets. It also offers modern clothing, but you’re gonna have to look hard. Red Light will buy back you clothes for cash or give you even more in in-store credit.

Buffalo Exchange 1420 S.E. 37th Ave.

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Buffalo Exchange is the Red Light’s nearby older sister. This used and new clothing store lands mostly in the used category, but offers new stuff stuck in between the steals. Buffalo is also pearl-button heaven; you won’t find a better place to buy cowboy shirts without paying up the ass. This store has a strong selection of sailor jackets sure to keep you warm, dry and manly. Buffalo Exchange also buys clothes in the style of Red Light, but be careful, they’re picky about what they pick. Bring in clothes that are in swing with the season and remember to make sure they don퀌_t smell like poop.

Superfly – S.E. Division and 32nd

Superfly is a hole in the wall that kicks vintage ass. The selection is really amazing considering the size of the store. This store is another great place to find cowboy shirts and vintage jackets that will make the girls. Their selection of blazers and pleather would have make Starsky and Hutch proud. Superfly also rents funky suits at a reasonable price 퀌� great for Halloween. The staff is very friendlt and helpful. Superfly is also having a sale over the next couple of weekends, so check it out.