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Haiku Horoscope

Haiku is an ancient form of Japanese poetry. Traditional haiku are five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the last. Ms. Luna prefers to make her divinations through haiku and means no disrespect to the art of haiku. She would also like you to know that these horoscopes are for entertainment purposes only.

March 21-April 20
Not sleeping too well?
Drunk neighbor comes in early
Play loud morning tunes.

April 21-May 20
Clean up the kitchen.
Don’t gross out your random guests.
Cleanliness is good.

May 21-June 21
Haiku hard to write.
Thinking makes me very tired.
Nothing for the Twins!

June 22-July 22
Baseball season done.
TV is back to normal.
Except for the news.

July 23-August 22
Lion people roar!
Then go out and have some fun.
School is too stressful.

August 23-September 22
Fall getting you down?
Try working out. Maybe not.
Just sit on your butt.

September 23-October 23
Leftover candy?
Indigestion and new fat?
Eat some broccoli.

October 24-November 21
Can you dish it out?
Should be able to take it.
Watch your words my friend.

November22-December 21
Economy tight.
Restrain yourself from buying
Leather pants at Gap.

December 22-January 20
Holidays coming.
Shop online, or shop in stores?
That is the question.

January 21-February 19
Time to buy some boots.
Rain soaks into your sandals.
Wet feet really suck.

February 20-March 20
Must write last haiku.
Fish people want the answer.
Miss Luna has none.