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Hill to Hall Aug 24–30

Aug. 24: Oregon applies for federal lost wage assistance

The Oregon Employment Department applied for a federal payment program covering lost wages, which would pay $300 weekly to unemployed Oregonians. According to AP News, most of the payments will be automatic and retroactive, starting from the beginning of August, and last for about 3–5 weeks. The federal grant was authorized by an executive order from U.S. President Donald Trump, and more than half of the states have applied and been approved for the program. The order includes an optional $100 weekly bonus paid for by the state, which most states—including Oregon—have opted not to include. 


Aug. 29: Clatsop County considers “Second Amendment sanctuary” on November ballot

A measure on the Clatsop county November ballot will ask voters whether the country should be a “Second Amendment sanctuary.” According to AP News, if the measure is passed, it will prevent any county resources from being used to enforce any law or regulation that restricts the right to keep and bear firearms, accessories or ammunition. The measure needed and collected over 1,100 signatures in order to qualify for the ballot, led by Jim Hoffman, a leader in the Clatsop County Republican Party. The measure, after earlier versions were considered legally vulnerable, was modeled after immigration sanctuary laws. 


Aug. 30: Brown releases new plan for policing in Portland

Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced a new “unified law enforcement” plan Sunday to increase the police presence in Portland. According to a press release from Brown’s office, the plan is meant to help end violence and arson during the nightly protests, while protecting free speech. The plan will see Oregon State Police Troopers deployed to Portland in order to allow Portland Police to investigate violent actions during the nightly protests, according to OPB. It will also bring in resources from neighboring jurisdictions, the FBI and the U.S. Attorneys’ office.