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Hill to Hall July 24-31

July 27: Portland protesters sue Trump administration


Citing what they called “out-of-control responses” by federal agents, a group of Portland protesters are suing the Trump administration for what they deemed an irresponsible response during the latest Portland protests. Nonprofit group Protect Democracy filed the lawsuit Monday in federal court on behalf of several individual protesters, as well as the anti-racist organization Don’t Shoot Portland and Wall of Moms. According to AP News, the lawsuit claimed while federal officials are allowed to protect federal property, the agents who responded in Portland were heavily militarized and overly aggressive. The lawsuit stated they have repeatedly fired rubber bullets and flash-bang bullets at crowds in violation of the constitution. Protect Democracy lawyer Deana El-Mallawany stated in a news release,“The intent of the administration’s deployment of federal agents in Portland appears to be to stifle speech the president doesn’t like.” The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment on the lawsuit, according to ABC News


July 29: Portland City Council sends police oversight measure to November Ballot


The Portland City Council voted unanimously Wednesday to send a police oversight measure to the November ballot. According to OPB, the measure will have Portlanders vote on a new framework for police oversight, which will create a new police oversight board with more authority to hold officers accountable. The effort was led by Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who reached out to community leaders a month prior to hear what they wanted to see in a police oversight measure, and later introduced the measure to the city council. The measure was opposed by the Portland Police Association and City Auditor Mary Hull Caballero, according to The Oregonian. Hull Caballero, who oversees the current Independent Police Review, recommended the council reject the proposal due to its quick turnaround time, and suggested the council seek more input from the community before the measure moves forward. 


July 31: Business groups sue Governor Brown over climate change order


A coalition of Oregon industrial groups filed a lawsuit Friday to overturn Oregon Governor Kate Brown’s executive order on climate change policy, which she issued after Republicans walked out of this year’s legislative session in order to kill the Democrats’ cap and trade bill, according to The Oregonian. Brown’s climate change order was issued in early March and mandated emission reduction targets—at least 45% below 1990 emissions levels by 2035, and at least 80% below those levels by 2050. The industrial groups argued Brown overstepped her authority under the Oregon Constitution, according to OPB