Hill to the ‘hall: Nov. 14–20

Trump to table trophy trunk order

United States President Donald Trump announced he would be halting a recent federal rule change that would have allowed for the importation of trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe. This decision was unexpected, as earlier indications suggested Trump would move forward on allowing the order to stand.

Tax reform moving forward

The United States House of Representatives moved a major tax overhaul forward by a vote of 227-205, followed shortly by a U.S. Senate committee vote to bring it to that chamber. The reform measure is forecast to increase taxes on a large percentage of households, including graduate students who would no longer be able to write off their tuition waivers.

Franken compromised by past conduct

A USO performer accused U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) of allegedly kissing her without her consent and later being photographed in a provocative manner while she slept. Franken soon apologized and announced he would be a willing participant in an ethics investigation. Meanwhile, a second accuser has come forward to allege similar misconduct from the senator.

North Korea again back on the list

North Korea has been relisted as a state sponsor of terror by the United States. The move comes some nine years after President George W. Bush removed the nation from the list in order to sweeten a nuclear deal with the sanction-beleaguered nation.

Haitians lose post-quake permits

President Trump also decided to allow a permit program to lapse that brought Haitians displaced by the 2010 earthquake to the United States. The 60,000 remaining permit holders are now being told they must return to the still-impoverished nation, which is still reeling economically from the devastating quake.


Quiet in City Council because of Thanksgiving, thankfully.