Hill to the hall: Nov. 7–14

Virginia nearly a wipeout for Republicans

Republican candidates for the Virginia statehouse had a rough night on Tuesday, Nov. 7 when they lost numerous races up and down the ticket, including the much-watched gubernatorial race. Dr. Ralph Northam won out by a margin of 8.9 percent over Republican Ed Gillespie and Libertarian Clifford Hyra. Other race milestones included the victory of transgender candidate Danica Roem who trounced Republican Bob Marshall in District 12. Marshall was the author of a contentious public accommodations bill targeting transgender Virginians. These victories bring Democrats within a hair of being able to manage redistricting for 2020.

Other states: also a good night for Democrats

In New Jersey, Democrat Philip Murphy outperformed Kim Guadagno 55-42 in the race to replace Governor Chris Christie. New York saw a constitutional convention fail to materialize on a 83-16 vote, and Bill de Blasio trounced Nicole Malliotakis 66-27 to retain the mayorship of NYC. In Washington State, control of the senate shifted after Democrat Manka Dhingra defeated Jinyoung Lee Englund 55-45, ending several years of split control of the state’s legislature.

Judge nominee shows little experience in resume

The Senate Judiciary Committee gave its nod to a federal court nominee with only a few years of legal experience and no judicial experience. “I have not tried a case,” stated the nominee Brett Talley’s statement to the committee. Democrats on the committee were understandably confused by the nomination, especially in light of American Bar Association ratings calling Talley not qualified.

Trump says Putin denied election interference, Putin denies denial

While on his international tour, Trump claims during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he was told that absolutely no interference occurred on behalf of Russia. In response, the Kremlin put out a statement stating that no such conversation took place.


Taser surplus, Wednesday Nov. 15, 9:30 a.m.

The Portland Police Bureau doesn’t have any use for its old stock of Taser, so it’s getting rid of them. There are certain limitations as to who can buy them, but who knows, maybe you can?