Horoscopes for the week of October 18


September 23-October 22
Dolls and dollhouses are creepy. Avoid them at all costs this week lest you discover why they make your skin crawl.


October 23-November 21
Some of your more imaginative friends this week may be the key in helping you to complete a project you’ve been struggling with.


November 22-December 21
Nostalgia can be a dangerous thing, Sagi. It can allow your mind to wander and glorify the past while ignoring the problems created in the present.


December 22-January 19
There will always be those haters who think that business should triumph over pleasure in these uncertain times. Bite your thumb at these people by being selfish and taking a mini-vacation.


January 20-February 18
Cameras can capture memories that will warm the soul for a lifetime. Be respectful of such a power in this day and age of instant gratification.


February 20-March 19
This week you’re going to find out that you’ve been receiving mixed messages, and though painful, the message that seemed less likely was the correct message.


March 21-April 19
There are always going to be those in your universe who march to the beat of a different drummer. Significantly, most of them won’t be lizard people from another galaxy.


April 20-May 20
Any people that like to play games in graveyards, whether it be at day or night, are not your friends. Especially in the month of October.


May 21-June 20
It’s important to pay attention to local legends because even if they are no longer truth, there is still some pearl of wisdom in them to understand.


June 21-July 22
A new friend this week may seem clingy, but you’ll have to learn to forgive instead of to shun. It’s important to accept those who truly enjoy your company.


July 23-August 22
Any time you get lost in the woods, it’s important to remember that somewhere, there is a path to freedom. Be vigilant of that path at all times.


August 23-September 22
Bear in mind that this week is going to see a rise in spooky and strange happenings and that any pranks or negativity you put out into the universe may come back to haunt you.