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How to be emo

Were you unpopular in grade school? Picked on as a pubescent fifteen-year old, flat-chested next to the cheerleaders or desperately trying to hide your boner when doing a math problem at the blackboard? Both? Your key to popularity lies in embracing your less-attractive qualities (such as that pale skin, nonexistent ass, impaired vision and highly emotional reactions to, well … everything). That’s right, embrace your total lack of cool. Be emo!

Take a gander at the photo (of Paper Airlines performing at the Meow Meow) for educational tips on how to transform yourself from geek to emo-chic. The best place to find others on the same emo quest that you have undertaken is at local shows at all-ages venues, because there will reside all those too young to have discovered the joys of drowning their sorrows in something a bit more liquid than music.

The singer and audience demonstrate perfectly how to truly be that which can be called emo. Take note.