Judson Randall (center). Courtesy of Sheri Pitcher

In Loving Memory of Judson Randall

Judson Randall, the former Portland State Student Media advisor, who served in the role for 18 years, passed away in September 2019.  

Randall will always be remembered at PSU for his passion for journalism, his commitment to student media and the inspiration he gave to students.

In honor of Randall, past editors-in-chief of Vanguard reflected on their time with Randall and the impact he had on their lives.  

“Year after year, Jud believed in the students that came through the Vanguard, and helped them to believe in themselves,” said Erick Bengel, editor-in-chief of Vanguard from 2012–13. “When I chose to try my hand at journalism, he was the friend and mentor I needed, and it’s hard for me to conceive of a world in which I can’t turn to him for advice anymore. I am lucky to have had him in my life, and I miss him.”

“Every day, I’m reminded of Jud and what he shared with me,” said David Holley, editor-in-chief from 2007–08. “When I am challenged as a leader or in any other situation, I always think about the way [Jud] helped me learn to remain calm when stressed and how to lead through collaboration, curiosity and compassion.”

“Jud had such a wonderful impact on my professional and personal development…but it boils down to this: Cheers, Jud. I miss you,” Holley said. 

Jud saw potential in me that I was unable to see for myself,” said Whitney Beyer, editor-in-chief between 2013–14. “…Jud gave me permission to believe that I could be a leader without the shield of a higher ranking individual to hide behind.”

“To say I’m grateful would be an understatement,” Beyer said. “Being EIC of Vanguard shaped me in ways I will never take for granted. It’s opened doors that I never thought would be available to me. I owe so much of my success in student journalism and post-graduation to Jud’s belief and encouragement in who I could be.”

“It’s always sad when someone we admire passes on. But in Jud’s case, I’m comforted by the impact he had on so many. Jud was a great man, and I am better for having had the opportunity to learn from him.”