Just bring it, damn it!

The time for leggings, bro tanks, bohemian attire and hoola hoops is here! The key to festival attire is feeling comfortable, so go naked if that’s your shtick or wear your North Face fleece, just make sure you’re comfortable in your skin. Once that’s taken care of, be sure to have the following essentials packed:

Water bottle(s)

Whether you have a clip you can attach your bottle to on your bra or shorts loop, make sure to stay hydrated while dancing in the grass or basking in the sun. Don’t puke your brains out just because you were lazy and forgot to drink water.


Find the perfect coverage at your favorite thrift store. Whether it’s a sombrero or a trucker hat, make sure to stay shaded. Don’t be that person who’s completely sunburned because you didn’t wear a hat.


The goofier the better, people! Go to House of Vintage on Hawthorne Boulevard and find the wackiest shades possible. Just put some damn glasses on! From dust to sun, you don’t want any of it in your eyes. Trust me, your eyeballs will thank me.


If you don’t know what a jammypack is, it’s a fanny pack with a speaker built into the front pocket. Fanny packs are perfect for running around festival grounds because you don’t have to take anything off for fear of losing all your shit. Fannys are also good to cover up the front and/or the back if clothing is optional.


Just put it on! Do it. Seriously. Prevent yourself from wrinkly old skin.


Go bandit style and cover that mouth of yours. This piece of fabric will keep the dust out of your mouth and keep your saliva salivating. Or use it to mop up that sweat on your neck, legs, behind the ears, or in various cracks.

Hand sanitizer

After using the port-o-potties your immune system will be so happy to have this lathered up and down your body.


Tissues can be used for a variety of things from toilet paper to sniffle wipes.

Baby wipes

Take a shower in wipes if you don’t have a massive supply of clean water nearby. These bad boys will make you feel clean and ready for the sweaty days ahead.

Otter pops

Not only are these refreshing as fuck but they’re delicious.


Just bring it. You’ll have a need for it, friend.


Need I say more?


A foldable one is preferable for laying out on the grass or using as an extra layer for those cold nights.


You don’t know what you’re gonna be eating. Better to be safe than hungry.

Ear plugs

Things can get loud. Maybe it’s the heavy bass or the neighbors in the tent next to you singing prayer hymns, but having these little plugs will definitely help you avoid early-onset hearing aids.


When you’re making your way to the port-o-potties at 4 a.m., you’ll be real happy you got this nifty gadget on your face.