KPSU to host karaoke night

Portland State’s student-run radio station, KPSU, will take over karaoke at Suki’s Bar & Grill on Jan. 30 for KPSU Does Karaoke. The off-key singing will begin at 9 p.m. and will run until it stops.

KPSU staff and friends plan to attend the night and sing, or at least be prodded into it after a few beers. Karaoke is, after all, best not performed sober.

“In addition to there being a ton of KPSU DJs and listeners in attendance, there will also be a portion of the proceeds going to benefit KPSU,” said Blake Hickman, promotions director at KPSU. “Having fun doing karaoke that also benefits KPSU is a win-win type situation.”
Jessica Boyd, developmental director at KSPU, said the karaoke night is an opportunity for listeners to meet some of their favorite KPSU personalities.

“And it’s within walking distance,” Boyd said.

Chris Green, the current karaoke jockey for Suki’s Wednesday–Saturday night, will temporarily relinquish his role for the betterment of the station.

“It is important to support college radio because mainstream radio sucks balls,” Green said.

Green has been a professional KJ for 10 years and has been running the karaoke at Suki’s for a year and a half.

“I make sure the people who come to sing at Suki’s have an experience,” Green said. “I lead them through the night with jokes, camaraderie and a sassy back-and-forth.”

Green said that good karaoke needs a KJ, and that it’s more than just serving up songs. He said that most people who go out to karaoke are looking for an event.

KPSU is a commercial-free student radio station that broadcasts 24/7 to the PSU campus and on the web at All of their shows are also available as podcasts. KPSU has been successfully running for over 20 years since its start in 1994.

KPSU Does Karaoke is a 21-and-over event.

“Unfortunately, the OLCC won’t let us have it any other way. I am planning an all-ages karaoke event in April that will also be a station benefit,” Hickman said.

Suki’s Bar & Grill is just off campus at 2401 SW 4th Avenue. It’s about a 10-minute walk. Faster if you aren’t stumbling.