LARP it up, suckers: How to die at the end of my magic missile


Live-action roleplaying, or LARP, is the fine art of boffing a PC to death in a harrowing scenario set in—oh, hell, let’s just say medieval times. There’s a dragon, I guess. And the spring is poisoned by rogues.

How do you LARP?

The most important rule to follow when LARPing is that there are lots of rules. That’s basically it. The GM, or game master, will guide you and other PCs (player characters) through the game. Your role, your actions, how you engage with scene-changing NPCs (non-player characters, often the same as a stagehand), are guided by the GM. They’re the George R.R. Martin of the LARP world.

They will kill you.

So…can you kill things?

Sure, you can totally kill things! If the GM allows it.

If this limitation bothers you, however, you can’t actually kill the GM. There’s no actual rule set that allows you to enable godmode and destroy the GM. You can’t even powerword your way into godmode. Unless that powerword is “called your mom.”

Anyway, a good deal of LARP is conflict and problem-solving, so sometimes there’s fighting, and that’s where skills, boffers (foam weapons) and the rules of play come in. Sometimes a NPC will bring in a prop that represents a dragon and you attack it. That’s cool. Sometimes a dog runs into the field, but that’s not a dragon. That’s Queen Bavmorda of Nockmaar and she’s a cockapoo. Don’t hit her. Pet her.

Are there any rules I should follow?

Yeah, first: Don’t touch strangers without permission! DO NOT TOUCH STRANGERS, JERK.

I’m serious. Don’t be awkward. Get permission. Have boundaries. Don’t let others encroach on yours. Consent for one kind of contact doesn’t imply consent for others.

Second: You aren’t GM! I mean, unless you, are in which case, congrats on being a GM prodigy and getting there on your first try. Otherwise, play along and get along.

Third, if it’s a day game then expect a loooooong day. Stay hydrated and get ready for a pretty intense (and fun!) experience.

So, any suggestions on what kind of character I should be?

Thanks for asking, here’s your character!

Van the Guardian

Race: Half-Orc
Class: Sorcerer

STR: 13 / DEX: 12 / CON: 10 / INT: 20 / WIS: 13 / CHA: 14


Well, you can cast Magic Missile. Remember, you have to yell “MAGIC MISSILE!” for it to work.

Like, in front of everyone?



Live. Action. Role. Playing. What part don’t you get? Now get out there and LARP some shit up!