Late night snack shacks

Where to get delicious grub after all the bars shut down

Although Portland is gorgeous and unique in a variety of ways, it seems to be the city that always sleeps. By 9 p.m. the streets are completely empty, businesses are closed ‘til dawn and the city becomes a literal ghost town. But if you look close enough, squint, maybe tilt your head a little bit and put on a special pair of glasses, it’s totally possible to find some really rad restaurants that stay up way past Portland’s early AF bedtime.

Sizzle Pie

Looking for a slice late at night for a hella good price? Hit up Sizzle Pie! Doesn’t matter where you are: Sizzle Pie has a ton of locations around Portland, most of which are open until four in the morning. You can get a slice or an entire pie and wash it down with some tasty craft beer. Even better is their plethora of incredible pizza options, including vegan-friendly choices. Their motto: “The best vegan, vegetarian and meat pizza in Portland, Oregon.” Obviously, they’re not fucking around.

Southeast Grind

If “late” isn’t late enough and you need some caffeine to keep the party rolling, grab a cup of joe at Southeast Grind on Southeast Powell Boulevard (just a few blocks away from the notorious Hotcake House, another great 24/7 spot). Not only is Southeast Grind open 24 hours a day, every day, they also offer some bomb-ass coffee and tea to warm you up on chilly nights. Along with offering delicious espresso beverages, Southeast Grind serves up tasty vegan/vegetarian smoothies and juices as well as yummy bagels, salads and sandwiches, perfect to help you recharge after a long night on the town.

The Roxy

My personal favorite, and a restaurant that absolutely had to be mentioned on this list, is The Roxy. There’s nothing I love more than breakfast at midnight, and Roxy’s throws that shit down with an attitude and gusto that I can’t even begin to describe. Want a plate full of pancakes, bacon, eggs and sausage? Need a juicy burger to sink your teeth into? The Roxy has you covered, 24/7. Set up like an old-fashioned diner, this place is not only a go-to hot spot for late night eats, it’s also great for photo ops and just all around good vibes.

While it may seem like Portland shuts down when the sun sets, there’s always a needle or two in the haystack and a few diamonds in the rough if you look hard enough.