Letter to the editor

I enjoyed reading your story about the 4YDG. Thinking about it, it’s probably the biggest lie ever written by our institution, or any college institution that endorses the concept of a four-year degree. Not to say I don’t love what PSU has to offer, but your article, “My Dars Scars,” made me cringe.

I went to PCC for about two years before I became a student here. This was about enough time to complete my associate transfer degree. I cherish it so much. When I started college I thought I’d do pre-nursing, and now I’m here at 22, a junior, praying that I don’t flunk out of my B.S. in Biology or accrue so many loans by the time I do graduate that the federal government comes to chop off my head. I’m sure one could finish their degree in four years, but I like how the article stated, “I hope you don’t have any love interests, need for a job, pressing addictions, illusions of free time, or hobbies of any sort,” because as we know, that degree is going to be fought for with the sweat of our own brains by writing essays and cramming that seemingly useless information for that midterm. Brain sweat.

Given the above variables and knowing that most students aren’t focused solely on school, PSU should call it the 5–7YDG, to be fair. It’s makes me reminisce the texting phrase “YDG,” or “yadig?” In a short, painstakingly elaborate paragraph, here’s a painfully elaborate joke. “How many loans and how much money will you invest to have a career and be educated in, say, a few years? Do you want to come to this school to spend your education dollars? We made this 4-year plan and this DARS program just for you so you can have your degree, and you don’t even have to think of how much money it costs. We’ve got all the majors. So come here! Ya dig?” What a perfect pitch to get students to invest their dreams into PSU.

So, given the reality that our daily lives are usually hectic outside of our school schedule, a 5YDG would be a much more accurate advertising slogan. Again, I’m a science major.

I’ve taken two lab classes at once. Both my eyes and my information retention skills literally melted into my own brain and made biochemical babies.

In my humble opinion, no one should enroll here thinking they’ll finish their degree by 22. The article’s comments about our faulty DARS report and competitive class sizes prove this. We’re all in the Satisfactory Academic Progress struggle and we better fake it ’til we make it. This institution costs tons of money and folks should not view entering Student Status here lightly. Maybe the Rally to Restore Higher Education on Thursday, Feb. 12 will bring about some fair legislative change for us.

Thank you,
Branden Ambert
PSU Student