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Letter to the Editor:

Can I be racist as a person of color?

Dear Vanguard,


After the events that transpired last month at ASPSU, I received an immense amount of ostracization, and some of my closest friends were targeted on social media from the account @PSUTimes. Perhaps you’ve heard or know of the person behind that profile, but their behavior merely mirrored the ASPSU President’s. Obviously, the entire I&A committee is gone—rather ironically, if I may say so (as we called in the meeting for greater accessibility). I just want to encourage readers, since this coming election season is just around the corner—that this administration hurt us as a community.


Valentine’s Day, and just five days later, after trying to advocate for changes (since this year’s motto is “create the change”)—at least five representatives in ASPSU quit or are going to resign. I expect to see an overhaul of representation in ASPSU, and none of it equitable. How is that showing love to our community?


Perhaps this brief letter can be treated as evidence, but also support for your future place in ASPSU, or as an informed bystander. ASPSU’s racial prejudice, emotional battery, underrepresentation and oppression towards people of different backgrounds (race, ability, age) is hurtful to the culture of PSU, and should not, in my opinion, continue.


I implore you to stand in solidarity.