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Live bands hit the airwaves

Friday Night Live
KPSU 1450 AM
Friday nights from 5 to 6
Request line 503-725-5945
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If you are curious about the indie music scene or are already a seasoned veteran, KPSU has a show for you. Friday Night Live is a weekly radio show hosted by DJ Angelo that features local and touring bands playing live in the studio. “The show is a way for local bands to gain a wider audience” Angelo said. The show allows bands to promote their new albums and also let people know where and when they will be playing here in Portland.

Friday Night Live has featured an eclectic assortment of bands since its inception in July. From singer-songwriters to psychedelic jam bands, “the show tries not to focus on just one or two genres of music but to include all indie musicians who are interested in playing,” Angelo said.

Since July the show has featured singer-songwriters Doug Shepherd, Ben Barnett from the band Kind of Like Spitting, and PSU sociology teacher Jeff “Buddy Pants” London. The Push Kings, Call and Response, and Rally Boy are also among the many talents to have graced the show.

Although Friday Night Live generally features live bands, the format is flexible. Recently Julianne Shephard from the Mercury did a show as a guest DJ with Angelo. He said, “It was good to have her on because she has an extensive knowledge of music and was able to expose me to things that I might not normally play.” This week the show will feature another guest DJ, while the following week the band Motherhips will do an in-studio show.

KPSU can be heard on 1450 AM and also can be found on the Web at If the live band show is not for you, KPSU has a very diverse mixture of shows to fit almost all musical tastes. Program schedules and descriptions of the various shows can be found on their Web site. They also have a program guide that is available at the student resource hub in Smith Center or in front of the station office in the sub-basement of Smith Center. If you are a local musician and have an interest in playing on KPSU Friday Night Live you can reach Angelo at 503-725-4071.