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Measure 28 looms over Oregon future

Some see government waste as the primary issue within the debate on whether to raise Oregon’s taxes (see Front page story). Other Oregonian’s propose that a nationwide economic recession is the root cause of the funding crisis. Measure 28, they propose, is the citizen’s responsibility of looking out for other Oregonians. Either way, we are all in this together. These are a few Oregonians’ opinions about Measure 28.

-Jason G. Damron, Opinion editor

“Measure 28 affects every single student at Portland State University. If Measure 28 passes the average student will be paying about $5.75 more a year in taxes. If it fails then students will be paying another $120 a quarter in tuition.”

-Miriam Gonzales, ASPSU State Affairs Director/p>

The measure “will have an impact on students either way — whether it passes or fails,” she said. “Students will feel a little more personally, perhaps, than some of the other ballot measures.” -Associated Students of University of Oregon President Rachel Pilliod

“If we have the worst economy in the country, then why do we have an Economic Development Commission? They have 150 employees and each of those make about $80,000 a year.”

-Don McIntire, and Taxpayer Association of Oregon

“Measure 28 is one tax change that would make Oregon’s tax distribution fairer, because it raises only the top rate it is a progressive proposal. It will cost the typical Oregonian less than $6 per month and a majority of Oregonians less than $3 a month, making it a good deal for Oregon taxpayers.”

-Jeff Thompson, economist, Oregon Center for Public Policy

“Oregon’s churches and charities are partners with government in addressing peoples’ needs and relieving some of government’s burden. It is not the mission of churches or charities to replace government, nor do we have the human or financial resources to do so. We can and do supplement what government does to assist, aid and care for our fellow Oregonians regardless of a person’s faith.”

-Oregon Catholic Conference, Churches and Charities

“In these economic times, it’s asking too much to ask a person to give up a day’s pay.”

-Rep. Dan Doyle, R-Salem