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Men are easy

We all have our own opinions about what makes men easy. But thisweek I went on a mission in search of perfect answers to a coupleof questions: Are men easy? Why or why not?

I got so many great answers from the people I asked that I hadto share them with my readers. Listed below are some of the greatresponses to the questions. Keep in mind that the answers come fromboth men and women.

“Men are easy because they don’t have the luxury of being ableto get laid any time the want.”

“Men are simple. We don’t care about the little shit. We justdon’t pussyfoot around about what we want.”

“Men are easy because we are always trying to please women. Wedon’t want the women to be mad at us all the time so we give themwhatever they want. I’ve been married for twenty-two years;relationships are all about thinking for each other and about eachother.”

“Men are biologically wired to let their sexuality take overtheir lives.”

“Some women think, ‘It means he really cares about me because hespread my legs.'”

“Most guys are not offended when propositioned with sex.”

“Men are just so horny. They’re constantly thinking about sex.It’s like a psychological burden.”

“I’m glad I don’t have a daughter because I know what men arelike. I’d worry about her getting drunk at some fucking party inhigh school and getting raped.”

“Men are easy because they worry so much less than women.”

“[I think] Gay relationships are more sexually prolific becausethey are made up of two very willing individuals.”

“Women perceive sex as less of an act and more of anexperience.”

“The notion that all men are easy is wrong. Only some men areeasy. The same can be associated with a certain percentage ofwomen.”

“We live in a society that says it’s OK for men to be easy.”

“People have different reasons for being sluts.”

“Some women are promiscuous, but it’s usually due to lowself-esteem.”

“All men really want to be held and have consistency.”

“Freud was a fucking motherfucking prick.”

“Even Freud admitted that he didn’t know anything about women’ssexuality.”

“Men and women depict each other in different ways.”

Though it’s not explained how exactly men and women can “depict”each other, it does seem to be true that, when asked about theeasiness of men, people tend to run off into all sorts ofdirections to explain their views. Using everything from Freud tofemale promiscuity, the effect of a normal male libido is quiteapparent (though often eschewed in reasoning) to Maxi’s circle offriends.