More than 100 PSU Intensive English Language Program students win awards

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) at Portland State held a ceremony highlighting students from the 2018 winter term on Friday, May 11. About 120 IELP students who are inspirations to their teachers and to other students in the classroom were given an Inspirational Students Award to recognize their achievement.

During the ceremony, coordinator and IELP Academic Advisor Betty Brickson said, “Learning a second language, especially in another country, is emotionally challenging. Even though it is hard, I hope all of you will never give up the study.”

The Inspirational Student Awards were created in 2012. Each term, the teachers in IELP select students who are motivated, engaged and eager to learn as inspirational students. About 50 percent of IELP students receive an award.

“Before we started the award, we only recognized the students who have good grades in their study,” Brickson explained. “But we noticed that there are a lot of students who don’t give up learning. We want to give them a boost and self-confidence, so we decided to start the award.”

This spring 2018 term 228 students from around 17 countries around the world are enrolled in IELP. “This is an award that lets us recognize students who are eager to learn. It is a positive thing to do here, so the award will be continued.” Carmen Velazquez Mendiola, one of the inspirational students from Mexico, says. “I am happy that I create a positive learning environment and to be able to engage my classmates to learn. By receiving this award, I feel more motivated in my study too.”