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Movies of which you have never heard

The Man Who Envied Women
Four Wall Cinema
425 S.E. Third, #400
March 4 and 5
7:30 p.m.
$6 suggested donation

Four Wall Cinema is a local collective determined to showcase films that are generally marginalized by the popular media. The group began in the basement of founder Allen Latourneau as a way for people to see the kind of films that don’t run in mainstream theaters.

Four Wall Cinema is a small operation consisting of 6 members dedicated to showcasing video art to the informed viewing public, according to member Autumn Campbell.

This week the group will be showing a film by Yvonne Rainer entitled “The Man Who Envied Women.”

Rainer is a veteran of the New York dance and performance art scene. She began integrating her performances with short films in the 1970s and eventually began making full-length films.

“The Man who Envied Women” is the story of a man named Jack Deller, a professor of Foucaultian and Lacanian theory whose wife has just left him. The film deals with the housing shortage, changing family patterns, the poor pitted against the middle class and the relationships between Hispanics, Jews, artists and politics. Female menopause and abortion rights also make appearances in Rainer’s work.

The film sounds like an interesting look at society through the eyes of a woman and a seasoned artist.

Four Wall Cinema likes the filmmakers to be present at the screenings if at all possible. It is unknown, however, whether Rainer will be present. The presentations are held in a loft space in southeast Portland that can seat up to 40 people.

The suggested donation fees for the showcase do not cover the operating costs, so people interested in seeing the collective thrive are encouraged to donate money.