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Music for the Masses

My highlight of this weekend’s Music Fest was watching the crowd, although the band Made For TV Movie came in a close second.

It was surprising to see how many of the show’s attendees looked like they had forgotten how to get to Kell’s and had accidentally stumbled upon the indie music scene. It would not be fair to judge all of the people in attendance as yuppies, but any function is suspect when close to 70 percent of the crowd is drinking micro brews and wearing the J Crew fall collection.

The most interesting incident of the weekend took place in the ladies’ room at Berbati’s. While waiting in line for the loo, it was impossible not to overhear the discussion of the three very intoxicated ladies crowding the mirror. My conclusions from this experience? First and foremost it should be a crime punishable by prison term and hefty fines to wear any garment held together with little more than a shoelace, when coupled with skintight leather pants. That said, these ladies should also be advised that not everyone waiting to use the sink needs to know about their bitter breakup involving complicated sexual problems.

With all the interesting people at the shows, it was hard to choose what to watch. Thankfully, Made for TV Movie played on Friday at the Cobalt Lounge. This band really rocked. They showed a great stage presence and delivered a very high energy show. It was the perfect starter for the festival.