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Over-the-top physical performance helps tell the story of love, rejection and romance

The View From Here
Nomadic Theater Company
116 N.E. Russell
May 3-4, 10-11, 17-18 at 10:30 p.m. – $10

Beginning this weekend the Nomadic Theater Company will present “The View From Here.” This original theater production is written and produced by physical actors Heather Pearl and Michael O’Neill. The production deals with love, rejection and romance in a world where the rules are changed. The performers act on the outside how they feel on the inside; they meet, fall in love, and begin the relationship dance. Through physical theater, unpredictable acrobatics and absurd comedy they explore what people go through for relationships and love.

Michael O’Neill has been based in Portland for the last three years, performing with Tears of Joy Puppet Theater. Last winter he performed a solo clown show and produced Journey of Clown. O’Neill graduated with a bachelor’s in theater from Castleton State College in Vermont, then extended his education with a Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Clown College degree. That school led to a tenure touring with the circus. Before coming to Portland and joining the Nomadic Theater Company he went to Dell Arte School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, Calif. He credits his extensive education in performance art as his key to good comedy.

Heather Pearl moved to Portland in 1998 and soon joined DoJump! Extremely Physical Theater. She performed with the company for three years. After traveling to NYC to Assistant Direct “Citizen Reno,” a television pilot for the Bravo channel she arrived at the Dell Arte School of Physical Theatre. During her term there she received a bachelor’s from San Francisco State University in Inter-Disciplinary Arts. While living in California, Pearl performed extensively with such companies as the Dell Arte Players Company, Clown Conspiracy, Women Walking Tall, Make*A*Circus and The SF Women’s Circus.

O’Neill and Pearl have created an entirely original production in which they try to change the way we look at love and relationships. With their incredible combined experience and training it should be a great ride.