Play it loud: The top gaming student groups on campus

The current board game collection held by the Gamers Republic of University Players. Photo by Adam Grace

Video games. They’re not just Pac-Man anymore. You can enjoy this terrible joke, and so many others, with a group of likeminded peers if you join one of Portland State’s many video game oriented student groups.

Which group you choose to pursue depends on what kinds of games and atmospheres interest you. Do you want to kick back and chill with friends, or be forged in the fires of competitive online multiplayer?

Gamers Republic of University Players
The Gamers Republic of University Players is dedicated to inclusivity and laid-back community events. The group meets every Thursday at 6 p.m. for a weekly board game night in the common area of Smith Memorial Student Union, located on the first floor. The group also hosts a bi-weekly RPG night for those who are into roleplaying, storytelling and being a half-orc.

Guild of United Video Gamers
The Guild of United Video Gamers recently opened their doors again after a brief hiatus. The group meets weekly and keeps both an active Facebook group and OrgSync account, where you can find which games are being played during the next meeting.

Portland State University League of Legends
The world of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas can be intimidating for newcomers. Like almost any other online game, League of Legends is better with friends. That’s where the PSU League of Legends group comes in. Meet up and throw down, or organize a pickup game through the group’s Facebook account, which can be found under Vikings LoL. The group has more than 340 members, which is no surprise considering how popular the MOBA genre has become.


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