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Fraternity under fire

I think problems like this happen a lot no matter the organization (work, student groups, government, etc. …) (“Fraternity under fire”, April 30, News). People break rules and people break up, it’s the nature of life. I’m sure that emotions played a much larger part in this situation than they needed to. Underage drinking is a serious issue and I believe that Kappa Sigma and all other Greek organizations at PSU have taken the proper steps to eliminate it. After all Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Sigma and other Greek organizations go through a lot of work and expense to hold functions where alcohol is only served by a licensed third party vendor. However, It is nice to see the Vanguard covering PSU’s strong Greek Life. However, I’m disappointed that you’ve chosen to only cover the negative. But then again negative information is what’s most interesting, right? Maybe next time you can cover a story that doesn’t involve “relationships gone bad, and their results.”

Chase LoGreco, Portland State – Oregon Epsilon Chapter

Member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

I find myself in a current state of confusion. (“Fraternity under fire”, April 30, News). I seem to have forgotten, did I just read an article in my college’s student run newspaper, or one run in The National Inquirer? Unfortunately, not only does the article in question reflect poorly upon the Greek community, but also the decision making skills of the Vanguard Staff. It’s extremely convenient to run articles that deal with such “juicy” topics like underage drinking, gossip and deceit. I would like to think that the student body of Portland State University is more interested in reading about student groups performing honorable tasks. But I suppose it’s much less thrilling to sit back and read about Greeks serving Christmas Dinner at a local homeless shelter or fundraising to benefit The National Kidney Foundation or even volunteering at a domestic violence shelter. Please know that by running such mediocre articles as the one about the dispute between Alpha Chi Omega and Kappa Sigma that you do not, by any means, reflect upon the integrity or intelligence of members of the Greek Community on the PSU campus. Nor do you promote the strength of your own.

Ana Johns, Phi Sigma Sigma, Beta Omega Chapter

National Enquirer? Not quite. (“Fraternity under fire, April 30, News and Web posting). And by the way, it’s “Enquirer”, not “Inquirer.” For most young adults, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Greek life is the partying and drinking. This article is taking an honest look at what really does go on in Sorority Life. Yes, Greek organizations do a lot of good things, as well. So did that teacher that was just arrested for robbing a bank … He helped children, right? So let’s focus on that instead of the fact that he broke the law. Like was stated in an earlier comment regarding this article, problems arise in all stages of life. No matter what the settings or the circumstances, whether people are naive enough to believe that an old relationship would influence Crystal, it is still illegal to drink underage, and even worse to serve to a minor. If these organizations are receiving funding from the schools, which is what I gathered from the article, then it’s important for the community to know what it’s money is really supporting … that keg at the party up the street serving minors.

So push aside the gossip and realize that something good did come out of this article, if what was stated was really true, underage drinking is being dealt with.

Lori Klayh

I think it is time for some people to grow up and move on with their lives …

Jenny Jones

What would you spend?

If the President had decided to sink that $60 billion (which you state is needed here, domestically) into fighting AIDS in Africa, would you still be taking issue with the expenditure (“Looking for Democracy”, April 30, Opinion)?


Anti-abortion activists not saving anybody

I am in support of free speech, however, I have never understood why anti-abortion activists don’t put their efforts into ending child abuse, child hunger (a child dies every SECOND from hunger), AIDS, homelessness, or any number of other issues that children face everyday. If you want attention, you’ve got it, but you are not “saving” anybody (Anti-abortion posters display weakness of message, April 30, Letters).