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Practical hotspots for your spring break time

For many, spring break is a nice opportunity to just get stuff done, to do some shopping, get a haircut and go out and enjoy what our wonderful city has to offer. Here are five suggestions about some of those basic things and some places that you may have overlooked in the past:

Mr. Moto’s
413 N.W. 21st, 503-221-3045

Mr. Moto seems like such a nice guy that he alone makes you want to frequent this often overlooked bento place tucked into a small corner of this trendy area. Prices are cheap, the food is simple but good, and the d퀌�cor is not half bad either, as Voltron-style robots meet more traditional Japanese woodwork in a comfortable setting.

320 S.E. 2nd, 503-235-4424,

Let’s hope the city government gets their heads out of the gutter and grants the B people the food and liquor license they deserve and need to survive, as culture in this town would lose out if this place was allowed to go under. While the frequency of shows at the venue has been relatively scattered recently, probably due to the lack of profitability in having no alcohol, the Complex usually serves up a selection of acts not to be found elsewhere in town, and in style. Past shows have included such luminaries such as DJ Spooky, Tim “Love” Lee, Matthew Herbert and Greyboy, accompanied by the Complex’s neo-industrial design and futuristic lounge.

7 Bucks A Whack

932 S.E. Morrison, 503-236-1010
Yes, that’s the real name. With the proliferation of “hair salons” and “boutiques” throughout Portland, one is hard pressed to find a nice simple place to just get that hair out of your face. You won’t find any “stylists” or “beauticians” here, but what you will find is straight up, no frills haircutting, and all for $7. You can even peruse the latest issue of Sports Illustrated while you’re at it, and check out the “from the thrift shop” d퀌�cor.

10500 S.W. Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, 503-643-4512,

This super Asian supermarket is the real “Chinatown” in terms of food, though it might be more appropriately described as “Little Tokyo.” Still, this store is stocked up with nearly every type of East Asian foodstuff you can think of, as well as a variety of cooking utensils, merchandise, and other goodies to make it worth the trip out to Da Beav, and at least temporarily not make you miss San Francisco or Vancouver (B.C.) so much.

Andy & Bax Sporting Goods and G.I. Surplus
324 S.E. Grand, 503-234-7538

Looking for a gas mask? A military-issue bag from 1918? How about an authentic over-dyed German army T-shirt? These are the things you really need, and you’ll find them at Andy & Bax, which features everything you dreamed of and more. They even have foam padding, and will cut it to your specifications, for free. There is simply no other place to be, but do be aware of the occasional suspect militia types roaming around the store. Better you than him to get that bazooka in the window.