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PSU provides health care for students

Student Health Services is an important resource for PSU students. As I talked to some women in the clinic office, I asked them what they thought the most important thing that students should know. One of them immediately said, “Doctor visits are free if you are a full-time student” (full-time meaning nine or more credits). If you are taking from four to eight credits, you can also become eligible for the Student Health Service by paying the health fee.

I learned more about the on-campus clinic by talking to Margaret Trout, the nurse manager. I asked her what the majority of appointments were, and she responded, “ear, nose and throat problems. A lot of colds.” She also mentioned that orthopedic accidents were common, with sports accidents and women’s health appointments. She said that women come to get STD checks much more often than men do, as it is a part of the annual women’s health exam. This annual exam should be scheduled a few weeks ahead of time, as it gets booked up. However, for almost any other appointment with the doctor, walk-ins are welcome and they will try to fit you in if possible. Otherwise, you can usually make a next-day appointment.

Any on-campus accident is taken care of by these services. However, if you use other health services off-campus, these are not covered unless you buy the extension to the health plan, which ends up having a comparable cost to other health plans. It also doesn’t cover family members. A main reason for this on-campus clinic, according to Trout, is “Convenience. Most students are still covered under their parents’ health insurance.” This is a way that we can have quick health help at close range to our classes.

Other major services include X-rays, drawing blood, pregnancy tests and prescription fills. The prescriptions are not covered by the student insurance, but are inexpensive because the pharmacy does not have overhead like many other pharmacies do.

Student health services are located in the basement of Neuberger Hall (the building that houses Admissions on Southwest Broadway and Harrison.) Written information in the office includes pamphlets with basic information, in-depth insurance details, health information for study abroad and dental and vision information. The office hours are normal business hours: Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Their phone number is 503-725-3462, the Web site is and e-mail [email protected].

The Counseling and Psychological Services on-campus are located in Room M343, on the third floor mezzanine in the Smith Memorial Center. Their number is 503-725-4423 and their Web site is