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PSU seeks a new director of affirmative action

PSU seeks a new Director of Affirmative Action to replace Bob Vieira, who left in September 2001. The search has been on since March, and applications are still being accepted.

The director of affirmative action is a senior-level position who reports to the President and is responsible for administration and implementation of PSU’s affirmative action and Equal Employment Opportunity programs.

In addition, the director is the university’s equal employment opportunities officer and Americans With Disabilities compliance officer.

PSU is looking for an individual with experience in legal practices and management, as well as specific knowledge of the realm of affirmative action and equal opportunity law.

Post-baccalaureate education in the field and a broad set of interests pertinent to the job are also attributes key to a successful director.

Rod Diman is in charge of the job hunt. According to his office, the search goes well and they are still accepting applications. All applicants at this point are confidential, as is standard practice to protect those who may be applying from another position.

The interim director, Burton Christopherson, began at PSU in May 2001, and has filled the vacancy left by Vieira’s exit.

Bob Vieira was an employee of PSU for more than 21 years when he left in 2001. He took a new position as vice-provost for academic affairs at Oregon Health Sciences University.

As an equal opportunity employer, the office of affirmative action is an important institution on campus. Affirmative action really began with executive order 11246, issued by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965.

Since that time, the term ‘affirmative action’ has become a blanket term used to describe, generally, EEO and ADA policies as well as the actual Affirmative Action stance.

Established with the Civil Rights act of 1965, the equal employment opportunity commission began operation in 1965. As well as sponsoring outreach and assistance programs, the commission interprets employment discrimination laws, monitors the federal sector employment discrimination program, provides funding and support to state and local fair employment practices agencies.

The Americans With Disabilities act was established in 1990 to protect those Americans with a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; has a record of such an impairment or is regarded as having such an impairment,” according to the commission.

Students or faculty with grievances or questions for the Office of Affirmative Action can visit their Web site at or call 503-725-4417. For more information on the position of director of affirmative action, visit the human

resources center or their Web site at