Puff, puff, I’ll pass

The last few years have been paradigmatic in terms of legal and social attitudes toward recreational marijuana use, especially since a number of states, including Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California, have paved the way for legal state medicinal and/or recreational use. It’s increasingly likely that while growing up, at some point you will be told things like, “Everybody smokes pot,” “It’s no big deal,” or “Try it!” In spite of this—news flash!—not everyone gets high on pot or thinks it’s cool. Maybe you are the type who likes to keep your head space clear and do not consider yourself functional when intoxicated. It doesn’t matter. You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. This guide will kick you some good methods of both turning down peer pressure and asserting your position as a non-stoner.

Just say no

This tried and true classic works best if you are very assertive and sure of yourself when you say it. Some people have issues with this step and invite further pressure because of their obvious uncertainty. You can stop the situation before it goes too far by saying no to weed like you mean it. Most stoners would be chill enough to at least back off. Hey, more for them anyway.

Remind yourself of your goals

If you are tempted to partake but know it’s just not the right choice for you, keep in mind good reasons why smoking would be counterintuitive to your goals. For example, getting stoned is not likely to enhance any exam-taking experiences and definitely could limit a prospective job search. If you’re not willing to give it all up for Mary Jane, you have complete control over whether or not you inhale. Goal orientation is an effective deterrent to pot use.

Make new friends

It’s kinda hard to avoid pot use when your friends are smoking blunts in the apartment or wherever you are hanging out. Instead of feeling left out when they are laughing their asses off at the newest Seth Rogen comedy, try making clean friends that enjoy daily activities the sober way. This doesn’t mean you have to dump all your besties, but a little space could make them realize you value their friendship without the weed.

Saying no, keeping goals and changing up your core friends can really aid in avoiding habits that can be tempting. You don’t have to be anti-weed to not smoke, and it’s your right to either partake or deny. Put yourself in the position to decide what is best for you and hold the right to pass.