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Racism against cats?

While I agree with Rose Richard’s comments on the merits of canines, I was sorely disappointed to read your trivial story about the mishaps you have encountered with a few cats. Cats make wonderful pets for busy or infirmed people because they don’t need to be walked and require less attention. And if brought up with love and a lack of teasing, cats can be extremely affectionate, gentle and provide companionship just as can dogs. Cats are often called disloyal because of their independence. Isn’t independence considered a good thing? Just because cats refuse to “obey” and learn tricks does not mean they are inferior to dogs.

Felines are an intelligent, graceful species. By the way, how anthropocentric can one be to determine the value of any species compared to another? To say dogs are “better ” than cats is the moral and intellectual equivalent of racism. And your article was just plain dumb.

Emily AhYou, PSU student