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S.F.C. Candidate Liz Jackson

B>Question One: What is your major, year in school, what do you want to do when you graduate (or grow up, whatever comes first)?

Question Two: What qualifies you and what characteristics would you bring to the senate that will make you a vital part of the SFC?

Question Three: What do you see as the most important aspect of the position you are applying for?

Liz Jackson

1. I am a junior studying social sciences, particularly history and politics. After graduation, I hope to enter PSU’s Graduate Teacher Education Program to teach middle/high school social studies. I then want to study education administration or educational policy to earn a doctoral degree and work in education administration.

2. My three years as a PSU student provide a fresh, but relevant understanding of what choices best represent students. As a Peer Mentor, I have grown tremendously in terms of respecting different groups and people and can bring responsibility, commitment, integrity and a good attitude to student government.

3. Responsibility is essential. As a student representative, I will always try to consider different information to make effective decisions and ultimately optimize PSU student life.