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Senatorial Candidate David Vote

Senatorial Candidates

Question one: What is your major, year in school? What do you want to do when you graduate (or grow up, whichever comes first)?

Question two: What qualifies you (experience) and what characteristics would you bring to the senate that will make you a vital part of the student senate?

Question three: What do you see as the most important aspect of the position you are applying for?

David Vote

1. My current major is computer science. I am only a freshman so I’m not completely sure that is the major I will graduate with. When I graduate I want to work possibly in research and development for a tech company and pursue starting my own business. I also want to travel the globe and live abroad.

2. I have experience in student government from high school. I have always been interested in politics and the political process. I consider myself a level-headed individual and I’m willing to listen to other people’s opinions. I have a broad background and many unique experiences to draw from. My intention is to do what is best for the students at PSU not what is best for me.

3. The most important aspect of being a senator is the ability to influence and impact the lives of students at PSU and future students. I want to ensure students at PSU enjoy their time there.