Sex myths to consider

While we are on the topic of sex, here is a short list of common sex “myths” to consider:

“Queefing isn’t real.”
Is anyone else outraged that the word “queef” even exists? Can the vagina receive at least one term that isn’t embarrassing to say aloud? Anyway… yes, the “queef” is a real thing and depending on how mature your sex partner is, the experience can be incredibly embarrassing. The air around your vagina doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s science.

“No condom? Just have anal sex.”
Haven’t you heard of “ass-babies?” No, really—let’s be serious for a second because this could blow your fucking mind if you’re really that naive. What do you think happens to sperm after anal sex? They surely don’t die of embarrassment. Sperm are living, biological organisms that are going to come out one way or another, and your ass is dangerously nearby your vagina—like two minutes-till-midnight doomsday close.

“Every woman I’ve had sex with has had an orgasm.”
I’m not saying that every woman you’ve had sex with hasn’t enjoyed themselves, but contrary to what you might see on YouPorn, female orgasm can be almost a myth in itself. The female body can be complicated and every partner will require different attention. Maybe you should ask?

“Beating is as bad as cheating.”
Some people can feel very insecure if they know their partner masturbates or watches porn. However, unless the practice is obstructing their everyday life and requiring an episode of Intervention, just let them live in peace. I recommend looking up the word “projection” and meditating on how it affects the way we interact with other people. But that’s none of my business.

“Uncircumcised dicks are gross.”
Would you like to know what’s more disgusting than the socially constructed, vain, Americanized bias of circumcision? The idea of taking somebody for granted and rejecting them in a moment of vulnerability. While there are legitimate medical purposes for circumcision, the tradition in itself can be argued as being a form of genital mutilation. Basically what I’m trying to say is: a penis is a penis. Don’t be a dick about it.