Shed your clothes and shed the pounds

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to inform you there are now reasons to have sex besides working to achieve that ever-so-desirable orgasm.

Don’t get me wrong, sex for pleasure is fantastic, but did you know sex is also ridiculously good for your health? Truth: it will add years to your life.

You’ll be hard-pressed to get the same workout during sex as you do when you’re going for a morning run, unless you’re determined to go at it non-stop for hours on end—and if you do, then hats off to your determination and stamina. Even if you don’t, you’re still using every damn muscle in your body when you have sex—all 600 of them. These muscles are being contracted and released constantly as you get it on, and this helps to strengthen and stretch them, as well as get you sweating. In other words, it’s probably the most exciting workout you’ll ever have.

Research has also shown that sex can help balance your estrogen and testosterone levels, which goes hand-in-hand with maintaining your heart health.

On the same wavelength, it can help lower blood pressure, reduce risk for prostate cancer in men, improve bladder control in women and help boost your immune system. Sex increases the level of immunoglobulin A in your body, which is pretty much the gatekeeper to your immune system. The stronger the gatekeeper is, the less likely you are to catch a cold or other kinds of ailments.

Oddly enough, sex also serves as a pain reliever. The pain-reducing hormones released during frisky time can help you find relief from leg pains, menstrual cramps, arthritis, headaches or migraines and other issues. Forget the aspirin because your headache will probably be obliterated during climax.

Stressed out with midterms? Go get laid! Sex releases endorphins in your body that help diminish stress and increase pleasure and a sense of calm into your life. This will undoubtedly help you study and perform better during stressful situations, such as test-taking or public speaking. Likewise, you’re going to be able to sleep a whole lot better. The oxytocin rush you feel after climax, along with the hormone prolactin that is released after sex, will help relax both your body and mind.

Sex just makes you happy—unless it’s really bad, and that’s a whole other story. Think back on the last time you had a good romp. How did you feel afterward? Like a badass, right? Not only were you in a better mood, but you probably felt invincible in a way.

Sex improves mood and self-esteem, and even more so when orgasms are achieved. It’s almost like acing a test you studied really hard for or being recognized for something awesome you did—a total ego boost!

I’m sure I don’t really need to convince you to have sex in the first place, since most of you are undoubtedly making it happen on the regular, but being informed about all the magical things happening as you have sex are going make it that much better.

Do your body and mind some good, and go get your freak on!