Smash Bros gaming tournament draws 200 to PSU

Portland State hosted SmashNest v14, a competitive Super Smash Bros. gaming tournament, on March 25. SmashNest was organized by Cascadia Associated Collective of Aspiring Winners, or CACAW Gaming, a competitive smash scene organization.

Tournament contestants played Smash 64, Smash Melee, and Smash 4. Almost 200 players from all over Oregon and southern Washington attended the event.

Jimmy Ihander, executive director of CACAW Gaming, started SmashNest in 2012 with a few of his friends. “We get new people as we advertise moreespecially being on a college campus,” he said. The event has expanded over time and Ihander is surprised with the tournament’s success.

Even though the event was competitive, the atmosphere remained positive and friendly. “There’s always a lot of energy and quirkiness at the SmashNest,” said attendee Blake Gotting. “Everyone is kind and sportsmanlike, which is really important for the growth of the community.”

SmashNest also invited local vendors. Digital illustrator Justin Wharton was at the tournament to sell his artwork featuring characters from the Super Smash Bros. series and other games. His digital illustrations are printed on t-shirts, decals, charms and accessories for GameCube controllers.

The next SmashNest event is scheduled for May. CACAW Gaming maintains a strong social media presence on Twitter (@cacawgaming) and Facebook.

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