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Spells to alleviate a poor student’s burden

Anybody can stagger into some thrift shop at the last minute, grab some odds and ends, superglue and stitch a bunch of crap on and call it a “costume.” But how many can conjure up a goat to eat your roommate’s homework or turn said roommate into a salamander? Probably not many, but they’re out there, so to even things a bit here are a few “spells” to assist the student.

*To break the powers of a spell … You’ll need: black candle, water and a black bowl. Place the candle into the black bowl, fix the candle to the bottom of the bowl by using drippings from the candle. Fill the bowl to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the wick. Breathe deeply and meditate. When your mind is clear, light the candle. Visualize the power of the spell cast against you as living within the candle’s flame. After the candle as burned down and been extinguished by the water dig a hole in the ground, pour the water in and then bury the candle. Hex all gone.

Financial aid not enough? Here’s a spell to get you more cash.

*To Obtain Money… (from “Celtic Magic” by D. J. Conway)

Done During the Full Moon …

Fill your cauldron half full of water and drop a silver coin into it. Position the cauldron so that the light from the moon shines into the water. Gently sweep your hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moon’s silver.

While doing this say, “Lovely Lady of the Moon, bring to me your wealth right soon. Fill my hands with silver and gold. All you give, my purse can hold.” Repeat this three times. When finished, pour the water upon the earth.

And if you need more time to study or want to get out of that boring professor’s class sooner here are two that should help…

*Spell to speed up time … Draw a Pentacle on your left hand using a blessed red pen. Visualize a sand clock as you draw. Now put your left hand on your forehead, or third eye, and say, “Sands of time show me thy way. Turn the nights into days. Rose petals so light and grace, speed up time now, in this place.” The spell will last for 24 hours or until the pentacle is erased, naturally or washed.

*Spell to slow time down … Do the same for speeding time up but with a blue pen and in right hand. Also do the visualization but with the sands falling slower, say, “Core go round. Power be bound. Interrupt the nature’s course – time slow down.”

If you’re under the weather and the garlic, red wine and Abbot and Costello movies aren’t curing you try this spell.

*A spell to cure thyself … Fold these in velvet cloth: leaves of tea, flowers of lavender, ginger, salt, clove and camphor. Tie the cloth up with a scarlet thread. Keep it beside your bed at night. Breathe it when you wake up every day. Soon you should be good as new.

And simply need a good peck on the cheek? Well, here ya go …

*A Kissing Spell… Take a red color lipstick and draw a lip print on a piece of white paper, then take a red candle and burn the paper while chanting, “Kiss me when we meet. Kiss me (say persons full name.) Greet me with your lips and say you missed me. But most of all kiss me.” Don’t forget to visualize the person you want to kiss you, and conjure love.

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