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Tyson fight back on, for now
The Tyson vs. Etienne fight is back on again after both fighters changed their minds.

Clifford Etienne agreed Wednesday to fight Mike Tyson as planned in the heavyweight fight that has been a saga for the past several days.

Etienne reportedly called his manager, Les Bonano, yesterday and said he was ready to fight. Etienne was unhappy with the terms that Tyson was setting.

Tyson, who was reported to have flu-like symptoms over the weekend, asked for more money. He is going to make somewhere between $5 million and $10 million for the fight, a significant drop from his $20 million loss to Lewis in June.

This odd behavior is even odd for Tyson. Several days earlier got a tribal tattoo around his left eye, and then missed three straight sparing sessions.

Tyson then reversed course and boarded a plane to Memphis to prepare for the bout this Saturday.

The on-again, off-again Tyson fight also means Tanya Harding’s under-card bout against Samantha Browning will most likely be on again as well.

This is Harding’s, 32, and Browing’s, 21, first professional fight. Although Harding has one non-professional fight on her record. She fought Paula Jones in Fox’s “Celebrity Boxing” last year.