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Student senate seats open for summer

Members of the student senate will be elected this month. The student senate, legislative branch of student government, consists of 25 student members.

The senate is responsible for approving the SFC budget each year before it is submitted to the President of the university.

All members of the student senate are elected in the spring or fall elections. Each senator is responsible for attending senate meetings each week. The vice president runs the student senate.

Duties and Responsibilities

Participate in the Student Senate.

-Assumes the responsibility as representative of the Senate to committee meetings, and from committee meetings to the Senate, as appropriate, and to compile a public binder in regard to action sand issues facing the committees to be given to the Communications Chair to be made available to the student body annually.

-Sit on at least one All-University Committee.

-Sit on at least one ASPSU Standing Committee.

-Learn and use Parliamentary Procedure during Senate meetings.

-Participate in ASPSU campaigns and training events.

-Participate in the ASPSU New Student Orientation Bar-B-Que. Assignments to be determined by the Activities Committee.

-Participate in voter registration and education.

-Meet each term with ASPSU Vice President for regular evaluation.

-Comply with Oregon Laws and the ASPSU Constitution.