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What It Is is one Web site that lives up to its name. At first glance, it appears to be merely a retailer of tacky, useless tchotchkes (meat-scented air freshener, anyone?). Delve a little deeper into the site, and you’ll find a trove of stupid jokes, stupid games and some (really) stupid animated cartoons. A few of the jokes are funny in an “I can’t believe I just laughed at that” kind of way (sample: A baby seal walks into a club …), but it’s really the array of bizarre toys and gift ideas that makes this site worth exploring.

What It’s All About

Ever wonder where your brother-in-law found that Mr. T Chia Pet he brought to the white elephant gift exchange? Looking for a little something for the man who has everything … except a Sigmund Freud Action Figure? Want to gross out your co-workers with a bowl of sardine- and vomit-flavored jelly beans? If the answer is yes, may be just what you’re looking for.

��The site is the brainchild of sitcom writer Gary Apple (who also uses it to plead for jobs from high-powered showbiz professionals). Other than a co-writing gig on one episode of “The Simpsons,” Apple’s Hollywood resume isn’t very impressive (“The Sinbad Show,” the 1994 remake of “Get Smart”), but when it comes to compiling a collection of peculiar, outlandish – and, yes, stupid – trinkets and toys, he’s the man.

Why We Like It

Where else can you find one-stop shopping for kosher dog toys, toilet bowl lip gloss and camouflage golf balls? Even if you’re too refined to enjoy a mooning garden gnome or the so-called “world’s grossest cooking tool” (a head-shaped egg separator that allows the egg whites to run out the nose, snot-like), you can still peruse the virtual aisles of vintage kitsch such as the digital “Dukes of Hazzard” watch or the oh-so-timely Colorforms Michael Jackson Rub `n’ Play Transfers set (now unfortunately out of stock).

If that’s not your cup of tea, then behold the Octodog – it’s hyped here as “the stupidest kitchen tool ever,” and we’re not inclined to argue. The Octodog takes an everyday frankfurter and slices it in such a way as to make it resemble an octopus. But wait! There’s more! OK, so there’s not really – that’s about it. It’s a cheap plastic gadget that makes a wiener even creepier than it already is … and it costs $15.99 plus shipping.

That’s so stupid it’s brilliant.

– Dallas News