The post-pandemic era reveals a concerning 21% illiteracy rate, coupled with an unprecedented surge in banned books in certain states. This raises significant doubts about the future of our education system and the cultivation of critical thinking skills. Alberto Alonso Pujazon Bogani/PSU Vanguard.

Navigating banned books and gun violence

When envisioning a conducive learning environment for our children, one hopes to find a safe environment for productive and comprehensive learning. However, with the rise in gun violence in schools,…

Women don’t owe you shit

Entitlement lurks behind sexist corruption and cruelty everywhere, from corporate offices to the Oval Office. The attitude that women are indebted to men perpetuates problems ranging from skewed power dynamics…

What we mean when we say gun control

We live with the knowledge that a person can walk into a school or any public place with a military-grade weapon purchased legally and shoot a massive amount of people….

Desensitization by design

The fact that school shooting is a publicly understood classification of violence speaks to the familiarity the American population has with the events that occurred in Florida Feb. 14, 2018….