Artist Suze Woolf captures the unusual beauty of the fire-carved snags, known as totems, from all over western North America. The exhibit employs art to provide the public with a fresh opportunity to explore discussions surrounding wildfires. Anish Arumugam/PSU Vanguard.

Adapting to wildfires

The untamed ferocity of wildfires has long been a force of nature, shaping landscapes and ecosystems in both destructive and transformative ways. Once flames move across forests and leave trails…

Dr. Kathi Inman Berens, Dr. Brianne Suldovsky and Dr. Ameeta Agrawal using the image-generating AI tool Midjourny on May 13 (2023). Courtesy of Compassionate Computing (CoCo) lab

My journey at the Ideathon: The power of interdisciplinary science events 

Science can sometimes feel inaccessible, but considering its importance in our lives, it is logical that we strive to improve its accessibility. Science events serve as a means to bridge…

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