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Geeks tend to get way too excited about pretty much everything, including TV shows. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic or obsessed with inappropriate cartoons, there’s something out there to feed your geeky obsessions.


For many geeky folks, fantasy is absolutely thrilling. Between all the mythical creatures and dramatic costumes, it’s easy to get sucked into alternate realities and amazing storylines.

HBO’s current geek favorite Game of Thrones combines bold cinematography and a provocative plot. Most can agree that the incest and statutory fornication give the show a serious creepiness factor, but we can’t help but be pulled in anyway.

The BBC fantasy show Merlin puts a creative spin on Arthurian legend. Though a bit goofy at times, it manages to produce exciting episodes and endearing characterization.

Other shows that are a must-watch for any true fantasy geek include Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, both conceived by the godly talent Joss Whedon. Also check out Lost Girl, the BBC’s Robin Hood, True Blood and oldie-but-goodie The Twilight Zone.

Science fiction

Speaking of Whedon, many fantasy buffs cross straight over into sci-fi for shows like Firefly. If you can stand captivating plots, space battles and the gorgeous face of Nathan Fillion, check out this short-lived show.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is an absolute must-see for anyone who claims to love sci-fi. TNG is an engaging combination of futuristic space exploration and thought-provoking lessons easily applicable to modern times. Furthermore, with cast members like Patrick Stewart enthralling us with his Earl Grey, Jonathan Frakes beguiling us with his manly beard and Michael Dorn raising a laugh with one of his character’s clumsy outbursts, TNG is utterly charming.

Another sci-fi epic is the BBC’s Doctor Who, which centers on a time lord who can rejuvenate himself into sexy new bodies and features time travel, the constant fight between good and evil and irresistible accents. If you like the dry humor of British television and enjoy plots that jump between hysterically silly and deeply moving, it might be time to whip out your sonic screwdriver and jump into the TARDIS with one of the eleven incarnations of the doctor.

Sci-fi lovers also absolutely need to watch the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. As the satirical sketch show Portlandia noted, BSG will literally take over your life with thrilling storylines and an epic ensemble cast featuring Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell and the beautiful, beautiful Jamie Bamber. Wait until after finals to commit to this show. By the end, you’ll be sure some of us are Cylons.

Of course, there’s also The X-Files, Warehouse 13, the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, Farscape, Fringe and countless others just waiting for you to discover them.

Gamer and IT culture

Gamers and IT nerds are also represented with shows like the low-budget, high-entertainment The Guild, which features the sexiness of Felicia Day and the scumminess of Wil Wheaton. The characters will bounce between horribly annoying you and being uncomfortably relatable with their RPG addictions and social awkwardness.

Or jump back over to the BBC and watch the The IT Crowd, which focuses on the idiocy of a small team working as tech support. The brilliant thing about most British television is, of course, the wacky humor that pushes the limits of sense, and The IT Crowd is no exception.

Adult cartoons

Last but certainly not least, geeks should get into some incredibly funny cartoons with childlike animation and offensive adult humor. Flip on Archer to discover the not-so-undercover spy agency ISIS, and fall in love with the irascible Sterling as he systematically drinks his way through entire liquor cabinets and jeopardizes the lives of his co-workers.

Many of the same actors lend their voices to the lesser-known Frisky Dingo, which will either confuse or titillate your funny bone. With completely unexplained and unrepentant storylines, like a giant evil white space alien and a billionaire playboy who is the laziest superhero of all time, you’ll be laughing uncontrollably and baffled beyond comprehension.

Other adult cartoons to check out are Futurama and The Venture Bros.


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