The best of the booths

Can't-miss vendors at Portland's downtown farmers markets

The smell of fresh baked bread. The sound of bubbling espresso and dark roast coffee. The sight of bundles of colorful flowers. These few traits describe the Portland Farmers Market.

Many local vendors come together, setting up their booths and products, coaxing the locals and tourists to buy their home-grown and organic food stuffs and goods. There are seven main farmers markets in Portland, ranging from Portland State to SE 92nd.

Portland is known for its vegan-friendly options, free-range meat and organic produce, and it all manifests at the farmers market. Here is a friendly guide on how to navigate your way around.

PSU Farmers Market

First up is PSU’s market. Open year-round, rain or shine, this market is convenient for PSU students and downtown residents. It spans the Park Blocks by Smith and Neuberger. Here, one can find Rose City Pepperheads, a local company that sells spicy cooking jelly to glaze that free-range chicken.

If you’re looking for a meal, visit Pine State Biscuits. The primary location is on Division Street; however, they set up a booth at the market almost every week. They sell decadent sandwiches smooshed between two flaky biscuits with oozing cheese.

Speaking of flaky biscuits, Fressen Artisan Bakery offers some of the most delicious handcrafted bread. Once you pass their booth, it will be hard to stay away. This German bakery offers pretzels, sourdough and a variety of other breads including rye and potato loaves. This artisan bakery offers German-style bread with organic ingredients and a whole lot of taste.

And for goodness sakes, do not forget Petunia’s Pies & Pastries, which sports gluten-free and vegan options for sweet pasties and desserts. Stop by for some samples, which will melt your taste buds. Then, pick your favorite cookie or muffin and buy a dozen.

Pioneer Courthouse Square Famers Market

Next up is Pioneer Courthouse Square. Located in the heart of downtown Portland, this is a prime location. It’s seasonal, opening on Mondays from June 5 to Sept. 25.

This market hosts  Scoop Handmade Ice Cream. This business associates with many other local businesses for their ingredients, developing a creamy and rich frozen treat. Paired with a hand-made waffle cone, Scoop’s ice cream persuades even the lactose-intolerant.

And of course, don’t forget about Urban German. This vendor offers the public a bit of culture in their mouth. From bratwurst to frankfurter, these sausages are sure to tickle some taste buds. This grill also caters and sells bulk links.

Many farmers markets grace Portland, all of which sport different kinds of produce and products that help support local businesses. Though Whole Foods contributes organic and unique food, nothing quite beats the farmers market. The atmosphere is loud yet calming and will make your senses tingle. It’s the peak of summer, so see which farmers market fits into your schedule and visit!