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The changing face of Spiritualized

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Roseland Theater
Sixth & Burnside
Doors 7 p.m., Show 8 p.m.
All Ages

Jason Pierce (aka J. Spaceman) is a finicky man. Three years ago, he fired his rhythm section before getting to work on the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space. The record that followed, last year’s Let it Come Down, features over 100 musicians on each track, and took two years to mix down. The first leg of the world tour in support of LICD featured 13 musicians (New York and L.A. got 16), but before the current leg could get started Pierce abruptly dismissed the six-member horn section – via fax, no less.

So here we are, left with a seven-piece band to perform tonight at the Roseland. Still don’t expect the show to be any less loud than November’s blowout. Pierce and company will still work the loud and soft to full effect, alternating between floating melody and caterwauling madness before bringing it all home in a manner that left the Roseland’s soundmen shaking their heads. “Like, wow, man” the looks on their faces seemed to say.

This time around the sound guys will have it a little easier, but the sound will still kill any baby in attendance – advance tickets specify, “NO INFANTS.” Seriously.

Expect crazy interplay between three guitars, bass, keys, drums and percussion, but with a noisier, more Spacemen 3-type sound. The music will move in and out of your brain, the lights will induce seizures and the crowd’s sheer joy will make you cry.

That’s right – sheer joy. Spiritualized fans are rapidly becoming the new Deadheads, albeit cut from a hipster – rather than hippy – mold. After last year’s Seattle show a first-timer was overheard gushing, “Wow, wow. I feel like I just witnessed something important. That was a real experience – the lights, and when it gets real loud, and – Wow!” While eloquence wasn’t her forte, honesty was – what more testimony do you need?