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The coast provides more than just waves

One thing that can be agreed upon by many Oregonians is the coast is nothing but gorgeous during the summer months. Not only is the Oregon coast a beautiful sight, but it also offers many activities for people to do while spending time there.

The many various activities include: beachcombing, fishing, surfing, hiking and more.

Fishing is a large attraction at the coast. Halibut and deep-sea Salmon fishing have been popular for quite some time now. However seasonal-restraints have moved the focal point to bottom fishing for lingcod, snapper and sea trout.

Kite flying is another well-liked pastime on the coast. The rampant coast winds let kite flyers have their fun with many different types of kites and in a mixture of spots on the coast, with Lincoln City leading the way.

Other windy coastal activities performed right on the water are surfing and windsurfing. Those prevalent Oregon winds help the coast to be a great area for wind and wave surfers. The Oregon coast is perhaps more of a beginner or intermediate spot for those activities.

Although one may not think so, horseback riding is an activity offered by many cities along the coast; numerous trail and trip guides are offered for a great scenic ride or hike. Hiking and backpacking trails are found abundantly, ranging for easy to difficult.

Cycling is another active way to spend time on the coast. Cyclists can be seen on Highway 101, which runs along the coast as well as on other trails in coastal parks and beaches.

One of the largest attractions is the annual Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament. This takes place on the second weekend in August. Amateurs, pros and those in it just for fun are welcome to sign up to compete. An estimated 50,000 plus people are in Seaside for that weekend.

Numerous recreational activities can be found on the beautiful Oregon coast and in other areas of Oregon. Along with relaxing in the sun, there are always activities to find while playing in the sand and sun on the Oregon coast.